Kawamura Metal Fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing Kazari Kanagu (ornamental metal) since 1952.

Kazari metal fittings were manufactured one by one by hand during the time of our predecessors, but now beautiful metal fittings can be mass-produced by press machines.

In addition, to meet the various needs of our customers using the technology we have cultivated over the years, our skilled artisans produce a large number of one-of-a-kind hand-hammered metal fittings as well.There are a variety of manufacturing processes using copper and brass materials with press equipment (die-cutting and pattern punching). In addition, we manufacture various Kazari-metal fittings with our integrated production system, from chemical polishing to gold and black plating.

Kawamura Metal Fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hirohumi Kawamura, President and Representative Director